Attracting attention by separating out from the competition is what it’s all about. Whether your company, organization, group or practice is large or small, local or multinational, yours is undoubtedly a unique voice in your field. You’ve got solutions your audience is clamoring for—if they only knew you were here. The digital world too easily blurs distinctions, readily serving up data when knowledge is what’s needed.

What separates the wheat from the chaff? Brands which differentiate are those brands that attract attention, build recognition and garner loyalty.


Authenticity is not a buzzword. You can’t be authentic if you strive to be just like everyone else. Contributing to the noise that clutters the marketplace might seem like all the rage, but really, is it effective? Hardly. Your brand is your unique voice. Sure, it can be lyrical and melodic or heartfelt and passionate. It can be boisterous and expressive. Inspirational and soft spoken. Even energetic or intellectual. Or a combination of any or all of the above. Yet whatever your voice is, there’s an engaging story behind what makes you, YOU. And your audience needs to hear your story. They need to know.


Connecting with current and prospective audiences demands a constant and consistent commitment to growth. No one can afford to rest on past laurels. Messaging must be honed in so it’s better able to drive outcomes by getting attention, building awareness and compelling people to do what you want them to do…. maximizing conversions.

Attract. Captivate. Help. Deliver. These are the 4-Pillars of how standout brands are built and upon which companies achieve greatness. At Prairie, we are as obsessed as you are with finding that “big idea” that will carry you to the next higher level.