ARC Papers needed to create a more versatile brand for its subsidiary, ARC Crafts, that would highlight a wider range of products, while still showcasing their specialty paper products. They also needed to provide their customers with a full service website, including a fully functioning online store and a broader online presence on social media.

ETC Papers needed to reach out to a target audience and increase awareness of the brand as well as increase sales through online purchases.
Prairie renamed ARC Crafts, ETC Papers, creating an entirely new brand with a folksy voice. ETC Papers is all about versatility, inspiration, and providing an enriched experience for their DIY customers. The new website allows ETC Papersu2019 B2C clients the opportunities to not only find new ways of using their products, but also allows them to purchase and ship them directly to their front door.
Prairie provided ETC Papers with a full marketing plan for both B2C and B2B clientele and a full social media audit; providing an Admin workshop with one-on-one instructions on how to keep their online presence relevant and fresh. The website is updated with fresh imagery and messaging to best reflect seasonal changes, special promotions and new product categories. This is extended to include advertising, social media and landing pages to support promotional offers. Regular campaigns include products relevant to the seasonal craft marketplace.