TICA wanted to reach professionals who weren’t yet active members to inform them about industry-wide changes. And, to supply training for achieving higher performance and compliance. Secondly, the Association intended to make known their numerous benefits so these professionals would choose to become members of TICA. Prairie was brought in and charged with developing key messaging, a visual identity and branding, event displays, drafting the Association’s Capabilities & Benefits and to develop a multi-level website to assist membership activities for recruiting of new members, as well as continuing education and training of their current Association members.

Over the last decade alternative investments came to be seen by Financial Brokers/Dealers, Representatives and Lenders as somewhat risky instruments; especially due to trading on non-public exchanges. During this period of time TICA hadnu2019t positioned themselves as the credible source for assisting their members to overcome these types of obstacles.
The first step was that Prairie conducted primary research and uncovered that what the Brokers/Dealers needed most was a product that could augment and round-out their clients portfolio by offering higher returns on their investments. And secondly what was needed was for TICA to develop and provide a step-by-step certification program for standardizing the industry at large.
Prairie created a campaign to specifically address the needs and concerns of the alternative investment industry. The scope of the original campaign broadened to include re-positioning and re-branding. This was then communicated through a wide variety of channels: tradeshow materials and exhibit booth, social media, digital advertisements, and PR. Prairie supported this charge by conducted one-on-one training sessions for TICA.