Apple Google Wars

Okay, this is nuts!

Apple and Google have been at war ever since Eric Schmidt abruptly left Apple’s board to create his own mobile division. That old rivalry extends beyond iOS and Android as each of these titans tries to infiltrate the other’s browser and email functionalities. I’m an Apple guy–have been since 1984. But, as Google is dominant on the web, it can’t be avoided. Here’s the rub. I use Safari for my browser. But if the site I’m visiting uses reCaptcha? I’m screwed. ReCaptcha is published by Google. And they’ve made it very inhospitable to Safari users. Half the time I can’t even get in to the site I’m trying to work on. So, what do I do? I go to work in Chrome. And then, miraculously, reCaptcha is not a problem at all.

I like to have all my email boxes in the same place. So I use Apple Mail. It’s not great but it works–except, interestingly, my Google mailbox always ends up being re-positioned to the bottom of the inbox list. How does that happen?

These tech giants ought to act like adults. Reminds me of the bad old days when you couldn’t get Word to work on Mac. At least not until Jobs and Gates shook hands. Something on the same level has to happen today. Apple and Google are both here to stay. Got it, Tim? Agree, Sundar? Get along, guys, ok? Will make all of our computing life a heck of a lot better.