When you send out an email to a vendor or a colleague for that matter, how long do you have to wait to know if that person received your communication? An hour? Several hours? Days? Weeks? Mind you, I’m not talking about receiving a specific answer as surely these can take time depending upon what’s at issue. No, it’s just an acknowledgment that your email has been received and read.

Does anyone else find it frustrating that in this day and age of massive instantaneous communication that a simple reply-to-sender, “Yes, on it,” or even, “Got it,” or a basic “Received,” is not provided? And then you’re wondering how long you have to wait until you “bug” them—yes, sadly, you’re now “bugging” them—at least that’s how you feel (whether it’s true or not.)

I’m sure everyone reading this blog gets a ton of spam cluttering their inboxes each day. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your outbound emails are actually received by the parties to whom they are intended and opened?

Tip of the day: A good brand ambassador always acknowledges communication. If nothing else, it demonstrates that you are appreciative and the business relationship is valued.

Just sayin’…